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Igniting Innovation in Education
Positive Impact

Cambridge Business Online is an educational enterprise based in the United Kingdom, with the aim of delivering courses that meet the skill needs of today's digitised and globalised world. We have a particular focus on adult learners (16+), helping them gain skills that will lead to meaningful, sustained, and relevant employment, start their own business, or enable them to progress to further learning that will deliver those outcomes.

Our founders recognised the need for a more accessible way of learning that would allow people to achieve their goals and pursue their passions, without sacrificing their other commitments or being limited by their circumstances. That's why they set out to create a platform that would break down the traditional barriers of education, such as time, location, and cost, making learning enjoyable for everyone, no matter where they are in the world.

By combining the power of technology and education, Cambridge Business Online Centre offers a unique learning experience that is designed to meet the demands of our modern world. Our impact-first learning approach is based on the latest research and best practices, partnering with top educators, industry experts, and institutions to develop cutting-edge curricula that are designed to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for choosing Cambridge Business Online Centre for your learning journey.


We look forward to supporting you every step of the way!


Rafmary Baker

Throwing Caps

Our mission is to equip students and young professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today's rapidly evolving  global landscape, while also fostering a sense of creativity, social innovation, and entrepreneurship that will empower them to thrive in the years ahead.

Our Core Values

Accelerate your success with Cambridge Business Online Centre


Affordable, flat-rate tuition and the opportunity to accelerate programmes allow students to have more control of total costs.

- Affordable tuition: Our commitment to helping students succeed starts with affordable tuition - about half* the average cost of non-online providers. 

- Flat rate: Cambridge Business Online's flat rate tuition fee means that there are no hidden costs. This is central to how an online-based education can save students money:

Our Accelerated Degree Pathway will  allow students to obtain their  UK university degree faster with less costs.


Our modern learning approaches are designed to help students develop the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

- Flexible: Study happens whenever and wherever it works best for students. Our resources are available wherever internet access is.

- Innovative: The personalised and flexible nature of our educational system puts the student in the driver's seat of their education. 

- Sustainable: Our approach to innovation is grounded in our belief that it is the key to creating a sustainable future for the planet. This includes maximising human well-being and incorporating net-zero goals into our operations.


Quality in Education

Our centre's management team consists of Cambridge University graduates, who guarantee an unrivalled level of excellence through rigorous proofing processes.

- Supportive:  Through lifetime access to our exclusive resources and networking groups, students can expect to see a significant return on their investment, both in terms of career prospects and personal growth.

- Proof:  British education is known worldwide for its excellence. Upon successful completion of their course, our students receive a certificate that is recognised globally as a testament to their hard work and dedication.


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