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Launching in 2024, this route is set to become a game-changer for international students aspiring to earn a Bachelor's degree in Business in a shorter timeframe and at a fraction of the cost.

Bachelor's degree in Business - £6000 per one year of study

Cambridge Business Online Centre offers a path to a Bachelor's degree in Business, focusing on essential aspects of the international business landscape while honing management, communication, and leadership abilities.

The degree programme spans two years. Year one (Levels 4 and 5) is completed online through the Cambridge Business Online Centre, offering 240 credits recognised by universities and esteemed in the job market. Completion of this phase enables students to finish their degree in just 12 additional months.

For the second year, students can choose between online or on-campus study options:

Option A: Fully Online - Students engage in flexible online learning via the Learning Management System (LMS) portal, completing 4 to 5 courses.

Option B: On-Campus - Students undertake 4 to 6 courses at partnering universities.
Those opting for on-campus study can pursue part-time work, gaining valuable experience and contributing to living expenses, with university dormitories available.

Regardless of the chosen learning mode, successful completion of assignments results in the award of a Bachelor's degree in Business.

This programme is set to launch at the end of September 2024.
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How does an international student enroll in the degree programme?

To enroll in the Business degree programme as an international student, follow these simple steps through the international access route for a seamless transition to degree-level study:

1- IELTS Certification: Secure your IELTS certification to meet the language requirements. We offer a 10-week preparation course to help you achieve this. For more details, click here. 

2- High School Diploma: Ensure you have a high school diploma at hand. 

3- International access course: Successfully completing the International Access Course through Cambridge Business Online Centre earns you a Level 3 Business Management Certificate. This certificate is fully regulated and acknowledged as equivalent to a British pre-university qualification.

With the Level 3 Business Management Certificate, you are eligible to advance to our degree programme.

As simple as that!

  • What can I do with a degree in Business?
    Earning a degree in Business opens up a plethora of career paths and opportunities. It provides you with a competitive edge to venture into key sectors such as finance, marketing, human resources, management, and entrepreneurship. Whether you aim to work in multinational corporations, engage in consulting, banking, project management, or even start your own business, the possibilities are boundless. This degree arms you with essential transferable skills, including critical thinking, effective communication, and adept problem-solving, all of which are priceless across various industries. The global recognition of British education further enhances your profile with a mark of prestige, significantly boosting your employability and career prospects worldwide. It serves as a passport to success within the international business arena, unlocking doors to diverse opportunities around the globe.
  • Is there a minimum age requirement to join this programme?
    Cambridge Business Online Centre Ltd does not process information for those under the age of 16. Accordingly, no applications will be accepted from applicants under the age of 16. Any submitted data may be deleted.
  • Do I need any previous experience or qualifications?
    Completion of high school is a prerequisite for enrolling in this university fast-track course. International students must have an IELTS level of 4.5 or higher to be eligible for admission.
  • Will there be an interview?
    The application process does not involve an interview. Instead, you are required to complete a brief application form and fulfil the entrance criteria.
  • How are students assessed?
    Students are assessed by online quizzes, assignments and coursework.
  • How much does this programme cost?
    The cost of the degree programme is £6000 for the first year of study. The international access course costs £6000 and lasts for six months.
  • How do I apply?
    Click the 'Start Your Journey' button at the top of our homepage. We aim to respond within 3 working days.
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