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Cambridge Business Online Centre introduces digital badging

Cambridge Business Online has joined the Region of Learning movement to support people’s career development in the Cambridgeshire region by offering digital badges to validate learning that takes place beyond the classroom.

By offering digital badges, Cambridge Business Online is demonstrating a commitment to working with individuals who can demonstrate their skills through a range of learning experiences. From volunteering to work experience, badges recognise and verify the valuable non-traditional and non-accredited learning experiences and skills

developed by people outside of formal education.

Rafmary Baker, Director of Cambridge Business Online, said: "Our organisation uses digital badges because we deliver skills training programmes, and digital badges represent the future of skill recognition. In a world where traditional certificates may not fully capture the breadth of our abilities, badges offer a dynamic and evolving showcase of skills, highlighting ongoing personal and professional development."

Future Skills Pioneer badge

Cambridge Business Online grants micro-accreditations in the form of digital badges to participants who successfully complete their award-winning skills training programme, called the Future Skills Bootcamps. You can read more about them here

Cambridgeshire Region of Learning Digital Badges
Future Skills Pioneer Badge

The full badge collection offered by Cambridge Business Online, a UK Registered Learning Provider, can be viewed here

You can find out more information about digital badges by emailing:

Region of Learning

Region of Learning has been developed to address entrenched barriers to skills development, civic engagement and employment opportunities across the region, targeting those most at risk of poor life outcomes and furthest from the labour market.

Through digital badging, Region of Learning enables young people, employers and learning providers across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to recognise and validate learning and skills development outside of the classroom to help young people become more employable and achieve their goals. Cambridge City Council is the lead partner in this initiative which works alongside a range of partners to recognise, design and deliver learning opportunities in the area.

Funding and support

Region of Learning is led by Cambridge City Council and supported by the European Social Fund, Cambridgeshire County Council, Anglia Ruskin University, Arts Council England, Form the Future CIC, Shift Momentum, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, Open University, City and Guilds and Greater Cambridge Partnership.



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